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  • Guiding the development of the firm's in-company emission trading
  • Compiling an emissions inventory
  • Creating a procurement and sales strategy
  • Supporting operative emission trading
On January 1st 2005, certain firms within the EU began trading emissions certificates. These firms, which are responsible for approximately 46% of the carbon dioxide emissions within the EU, must substantiate their carbon dioxide emissions annually with a corresponding amount of certificates. The excess or shortage in quantity can be bought and sold Europe-wide.

  • Analysis of the possible uses of a structured procurement
  • Portfolio analysis
  • Creation of a structured procurement
  • Market launch
  • Risk management
The liberalization of the European power and gas market offers the energy consumer the additional opportunity to distribute energy acquisitions among diverse suppliers and products. As a result, there is a need for suppliers to respond with new and flexible products.

  • Guiding the firm during it's entry into the German and foreign markets
  • Winning key customers
  • Analyzing respective markets
  • Supporting the firm during its operative entry
Higher costs are associated with the launch of services and products in a new market. It is important to penetrate a market quickly, in order to limit the launching costs. Here, the co-operation of partners within the respective market is quite helpful.

  • Short, middle and long-term price prognosis
  • Price prognosis formulation as a service
  • Guiding the firm in the development of prognosis tools
Recently the prices of energy on the European wholesale market have clearly increased. For sound procurement, as well as risk-conscious sales, an understanding of the expected developments in prices is indispensable. Special instruments indicate how prices will change within a particular prognostic time frame.
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